‘Ships’ being built in Nepal, ‘Narayani river to be launched’ in two months.

Rhino Water Entertainment Private Limited has been building a ship at Kavreghat in Chitwan for six months.Ram Chandra Kandel, managing director of the company, says that when he went to Germany for the first time in connection with the study, he came up with the idea of ​​building a ship.

Kandel claims that the ship is being built for the first time in Nepal.For that ,cruise manufacturers from Singapore,Malaysia,China,Germany and india have been visited,he said.Technicians from Singapore and India studied the Narayani water flow measurement and other challenges and conducted an environmental impact assessment for a year to operate ships on the Narayani River.

It is estimated that around Rs.350 million will be invested for the construction of the ship.India’s Grandeur Marine International Company is building the ship with Norwegian technology.The planner expects that the watercraft, which is targeted at the tourism year 2020, will help in tourism.The 100-meter-long and 25-meter-wide vessel will carry two people and two hundred people.

It is said that food and lunch will be provided in the morning, afternoon and evening on the ship. It will take three hours to complete the journey from Devghat, the holy place of pilgrimage, to Golaghat, the border of Chitwan. The ascending and descending port of the ship is built at Kavreghat of Gyaneshwar Community Forest in Chitwan.